About Beng Hiang

Started in 1978, Beng Hiang Restaurant has since established itself as one of the best Hokkien restaurants in Singapore. Our chefs uphold years of culinary tradition, using only the choicest ingredients and preparing each dish with skills honed by decades of experience. Beng Hiang's authentic Hokkien cuisine has gained both local recognition and international acclaim.

The name Beng Hiang has poetic origins: “茗香” points to an appreciation of the fragrance of tea and food, a poignant recollection of the simple, honest and welcoming dinners in mid-century Hokkien homes.

Beng Hiang founders

History of Beng Hiang

The history of Beng Hiang restaurant began with a simple desire - to bring people together with flavourful Singaporean Hokkien food.

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