Savour Authentic Hokkien Flavours With Beng Hiang’s Offers & Promotion

Nothing makes a Singaporean happier than discovering great food and good deals. It gets better when you put them together. Savour Hokkien flavours at a steal with Beng Hiang’s value-for-money set menus, lunch buffet and stay up to date with our latest offers and promotions.

Beng Hiang Moutai Special

Moutai Special

The Moutai Bu Lao advocates healthy living with a blended liquor featuring Chinese herbs. Savour the distinct and multi-dimensional flavours of this premium spirit.

Beng Hiang Dim Sum Buffet

Dim Sum Buffet

Indulge in the "All You Can Eat" Dim Sum Buffet lunch with over 30 items including dim sum, Beng Hiang's specialty dishes and desserts to choose from.