Our Restaurant Story

The history of Beng Hiang restaurant began with a simple desire - to bring people together with flavourful Singaporean Hokkien food. For over 40 years, our family-oriented establishment has known to offer authentic, nostalgia-driven dining experiences, even as our nation grew and changed around us. Our story has become a testament to the value of hard work and dedication in Singapore - and we still have many more years to come.

Beng Hiang restaurant interior
Beng Hiang restaurant entrance 2

Our Founder’s Dream

Our founder Mr Ng Han Kim was born in Singapore to immigrants from Jinjang, Fujian province. Like so many first-generation Singaporeans of that early era, he knew that hard work and an entrepreneurial mindset were key to a better life for his family. Mr Ng first honed his skills in the trading industry, and Beng Hiang restaurant was founded in 1978 to host business contacts and associates over delicious Hokkien Chinese dishes.

From 1978 to Beyond

The name Beng Hiang speaks to our restaurant’s appreciation of tea, food, and the simplicity of Hokkien home cooked meals. Our recipes today have been preserved from the original menu, and each bite is a culinary time capsule of traditional Hokkien flavours. The perfect harmony of authenticity and nostalgia - for all to enjoy.